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"Peupler" is an immersive art space created by the artist duo Mouawad & Laurier. I participated in the creation of this piece as a creative coder.

Every living thing is part of a population and populates the world in its own way. We should look forward to a future in which humans populates respecting all life forms.

Populating is the way to occupy space. To populate is a fundamental right. It should not be exclusive but inclusive. Many organisms populate earth and even humans, like the millions of bacterias in our bodies. We populate with each other. It is the way humans populate that should be evolving.

“Peupler” is an immersive and interactive installation that aims to talk about this cohabitation and the inter-connectivity of the world. We want to give nature a place whose recognition is sometimes confiscated by technology. The cities of tomorrow need to consider the cohabitation with nature as an absolute necessity.

This installation aims to see and feel the point of view of a tree. First, we want to see this tree observe our cities and our lives, as a witness of the ecological improvements it wishes to see. Secondly, we want to be able to feed this tree with our presence through interactions, and talk about our inter-connectivity.

“Peupler” is housed in a new kind of immersive room made up entirely of real-time generative content, that is in a way alive. Its content adapts to the data it receives and to the presence of its spectators.


Producer : Benoit Baume . Gaëtan Cerrillo

Creative coding : Ben Kuper . Maya Mouawad . Clément Gamgie Rignault . Joan Sandoval

Music : Cyril Laurier . Louis Raveton

Tree digital making : Ultra Lab

Photos Marie Flament

Partners FISHEYE Magazine & BNP Real Estate

Special thanks to HandCoded and Sakma

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