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Clément Rignault aka Gamgie is a digital artist, author and adventurer.


In 2011, he created with the magician Moulla, the company Augmented Magic, based in Paris. He explores the link between magic and technologies. For 5 years, he participated in the creation of acts, shows and installations mixing illusion, digital art and video projection. His creations tour internationally on different festivals, events or TV shows.

In 2016, he went on a journey, alone, hitchhiking and backpacking. He left for 800 days across America, from South to North. 2 years of adventure, exploration, artistic research around other mediums (drawing, writing ...). It is a real experience of introspection that feeds his adventurer's imagination: the poetry of wide open spaces, the intoxicating power of an inevitable present moment, the adventure of great paths, of encounters, of mysticism and spirituality.
Back in France in 2019, he wrote his first book "Je n'ai pas peur de mourir. Juste de ne pas vivre" (I'm not afraid to die. Just not to live) which was released in 2020 and which relates his 2 years of adventure.

Since 2020, Gamgie resumes his digital art projects. He creates interactive and generative visuals for installations, shows, performances or concerts. He accompanies and participates in the creation of shows and installations in collaboration with other artists (Compagnie Ombre, Compagnie Michel Onomo, Theoriz, Mouawad&Laurier...). He works on his own installations (Propagason, Sarhzad) and performances (STELLAR DRIFT).

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