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Orages Intérieurs by Odalie


Video clip

Orages Intérieurs by Odalie

To explore what the visualization for this record could be, I decided to meditate, with eyes closed, deep listening to the music.

With the challenge of nothing more than the title of the piece to get inspired by. The intro scene is generated from real topographic data. It is the Cirque de Gavarnie in the French pyrenees. A place I love to hike and connect myself to nature and the camera movements are recorded live using a gamepad controller.

The technical approach of choice came quickly : 24 fps, cinemascope 2:35 aspect ratio, movie color grading LUT. It gives a cinematic feeling. I used Oxipital to generate the visual. A custom software I’m coding in Unity and using VFX Graph to generate the particles. I created a new force to represent the tornado : a mix of swirling and directional forces blended with several layers of noise. We have around 6 millions particles active in the intro scene.

I also used Chataigne to control aspects of the visuals. I analyzed sound frequency to generate curves that control force intensity. I then keyframed other parameters to give the sense of audio reaction.

Odalie :

This track is about an emancipatory struggle, there’s been a lot of anger magnified within it, but also an anger to be free and let go of the ties that keep us from moving forward. The track title means ‘Inside storms’ in French. It was a cathartic means of expressing myself with frustration, as a means of relinquishing the control it can have on us. There is also pain, the kind of pain you don’t see, but can eat you from inside, a pain you try to let go of with strength and determination. I know that most of the time people can have a lot of difficulties expressing their suffering, by not sitting with it and being drowned in it because of that pain, and voicing it often people think it presents the worry of making you appear weak. However, I believe it can actually feel pretty good to surrender to pain, and that’s what I wanted to express in these synths crying in essence screaming in pain, it’s an exercise in letting go - that pain can embrace you with a warm feeling. The percussions are heavily treated with saturations, the synths are manipulations from my modular synthesizer with a lot of granular synthesis. The cello as been recorded with a PuigTec EQP-1A in the studio which generates saturations to overdrive it and the bass is from my Prophet 6.

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