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Morphose - Ultreia Company


This is the result of a one week residency at the MUDAAC Museum in Epinal, France.

We got the chance to get one full week with the great paintings of this museum just before it closed for 2 years.

Morphose goes through the emotions we felt with those paintings, and what does this mean to get away from the audience for the times to come.


This installation is using 9 video projectors and 4 computers to project on 21 paintings, ceiling and walls, and a colorful mix of TouchDesigner, Resolume, Chataigne, Blux, Oxipital, Unity and After Effects to generate different content.

Some content was generated by AI with Dall.E to expand the original paintings and create a broader canvas.


Thank you to the wonderful team who made this project as awesome as it could possibly be :

Lorelyne Foti / Cie Ultreia - Art Director :

David Daurier - Music, Teaser and Performance video Editing :

Gamgie - Visual Content, Oxipital master :

Ben Kuper - Visual Content, Chataigne and Blux Master :

Shooting : Léo Collado

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